Our company

The Verelst consortium is a modern continuously growing association that includes:

  • Verelst Health and Performance Clinic
  • Verelst Research & Development
  • Verelst Genetics
  • Verelst Pharma
  • Verelst Industry

We employ a team of highly skilled PhD, all top experts in their field, and combine the most advanced scientific knowledge with modern technologies to serve our customers with individualized healthcare.

We commit to excellence with innovative and flexible solutions that satisfy the fast-growing demand for personalized attention, dealing with modern stressful situations in an environment with ever-growing impact.   

Our services are organized in following areas:

  • Physical enhancement products and advice for novice and top athletes
  • Nutritional advice
  • Weight loss assistance
  • Anti-ageing programs
  • Supply of personalized medical grade supplements from Verelst Pharma
  • genome sequencing, DNA tests and genetic counselling
  • Guidance to improve physical performance, body composition and general health
  • General blood analysis, Male and Female hormone analysis

It is our mission to provide health services that exceed our client´s expectations through a combination of teamwork and know-how in biomolecular and genetic research that sets our company apart from the competition, as much as it is the culmination of everything we do as a whole and leveraging an entire myriad of services that result in a unique level of service for each client. 

VERELST Health & Performance Clinic complements the VERELST Consortium under the supervision of Dr. Sonia Van Kerckhoven.




Dr. Sonia Van Kerckhoven

PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology.

Former director of a Pharmaceutical company and experienced in cleanroom operations.

Expert in Medical Genomics and Genetic Counselling through EADE University, accredited by COM (The Official College of Medics, Málaga), ACSA (The Agency of Sanitary Quality of Andalucía, Spain), AEGH (The Spanish Association of Human Genetics) and SEFF (The Spanish Society of Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics).